On Saturday, July 31, 2021, the Swimrun will land to Kajaani. The route of the event is based on the beautiful and historic track of Renfors and swimming sections are in the clean Kajaani River. The event arrangements are guaranteed by Endurance Kainuu quality with the expertise of Kajaani Swimming Club.


There are two different route alternatives in the race. Hermann’s Sprint (5km) and Elias’s Track (approx. 10km) are both named after the great men of Kajaani.

Herman August Renfors was a 19th century Kajaani’s multifunctional entrepreneur and city councillor. He made his life work as a factory entrepreneur, making jewellery, buttons and fur products, and promoting Kajaani skiing and tourism. However, Renfors is best remembered as a fishing tackle manufacturer. In the 1870s in Kajaani, he produced and patented several lures, which were mainly sold abroad. Renfors had also a big influence on bringing the railway to Kajaani. One of our routes goes through Renfors’s track, named after a great Kajaani influencer and businessman.

Our second route is named after all known Elias Lönnrot. Elias Lönnrot was the second father of the Finnish literary language after Mikael Agricola, the creator of the Kalevala (Finnish national epic), the language reformer, the editor of the dictionaries and the publisher and the editor of the first Finnish-language magazine. 1833 Lönnrot arrived in small Kajaani village as a District Doctor and at the same time, he wrote his famous Kalevala from poems. The route goes past the statue built in honour of this great man and is the first monument to Kajaani and Kainuu built for an individual person.


The route of the event goes at the famous Renfors track and the swimming section takes place in the beautiful Kajaani River. There are two routes at the event:

  • Hermann’s Sprint approx. 5 km – 3 swimming sections totalling 1 km. The longest run 2.3 km, the longest swim 750 m
  • Elias’s track approx. 10 km – 6 swimming sections totalling 2.5 km. The longest run 2.5 km, the longest swim 900 m


Hermann’s Sprint 5 km (Individual race):

  • Men and women – general series
  • Men and women – 18 years old

Elias’s track 10 km (Pair race and individual race)

  • Men and women – general series
  • Men and women – 50 years old (in pair race, competitors must be at least 100 years in total. calculated according to a year of birth)


The rules of the competition can be found HERE


EARLY BIRD UNTIL 28.2.2021 1.1.-30.4. 1.5.-15.7. 16.7-31.7.
Hermann’s Sprint (5 km)
Elias’s Track (10 km)

Participation fee includes timing, shower facilities, swimming cap and maintenance services.


The race office open at 9 am

Start at 11 am

Finish at 2 pm


Open on competition day at 9-15.


Hotel Scandic Kajanus

Original Sokos Hotel Valjus


The race office:

Kainuun Liikunta ry

Ketunpolku 1, rakennus Tieto 1, 87100 Kajaani

Tel: +358 8 632 590

email: events@kainuunliikunta.fi

Event Manager:

Teemu Takalo

Tel: +358 44 5325921

email: teemu.takalo@kainuunliikunta.fi